About Me

Fern is my name. I was born in Thailand. I am currently living in Phuket and employed full-time by at a beautiful friendly resort. My current position is Public Relations at the section of  Sales & Marketing Communications.

During my spare time, I usually spend time on exploring around Phuket to look for more tourist attractions ( and for elsewhere in Thailand )

A few years ago, some fortunes and lucks took me to visit 75 countries around. Thereafter I have been in love of travelling. I am seeking for another chances to travel out somewhere abroad again ( if possible ).

I am passionate in writing. Likewise this blog is my little diary where I can record things before I forget them all.

** This blog synchronizes to my original blog ‘Lady Named Fern’ distributed in Thai. Most writings are similar, except that ‘Mini – Venture’ will feature about where to go in Thailand!

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