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Phuket Art Village

I am based in Phuket which is well known for its beaches, tourist attractions and old architecture. What about arts and crafts? No! I have never seen any interesting places that could be an iconic places that present Phuket in this way.

As I always like to seek new attraction on my day off. That weekend, I found I had already visited most of the places except “Art Galleries” I am not an art person but I do like drawing. So, it was a good plan!


A community of Creative Artists live together in one area called “Phuket Art Village”. It is situated in Rawai (about 2 km to NaiHarn Beach). Art Village is divided to 8 galleries by talented Thai artists who live and work in their studios here. Each artists works on different styles. All of the paintings (and crafts) are displayed in their own galleries. I would call the Exhibition a way of life.


Additionally, they live here, sleep here and work here and show their arts here! I even saw one of them was working while I was walking around his studio (house).


How awesome to see these paintings and art everywhere even in the restroom and living room?

I sat on his chair and felt like the chair gave me inspirations to try something new. Like, create a CAT painting!

I didn’t understand some arts, I would say that it was hard to explain how and what those paintings tried to say, but some studios presented their intents clearly through their styles.
For example “Recycle Art” and “Thai Style Shadow Play House”

Personally I love cats and I like the ocean. Niran Chanhom’s Gallery exhibited driffwood he collected from shores and I kind of like his style of making colourful wooden fish with soft tone displayed in a bright room with a white wall. This tone made me feel welcome and relaxed.



Another favourite one, “Red Gallery” displayed many cat paintings!


dsc09873I have asked for permission to take photos for posting in my blog, not for copying or selling their ideas. Some studios I didn’t visit because there were no artists around and some studios were closed for renovation.

Who said artists are poor? I saw a painting priced at THB 65,000 or around USD 2,200 hahaha! It’s worth stopping by the village just to visit an alternative way of life, Even if you’re not planning to buy. but their jobs, their places are good to see!
Visiting Facebook Phuket Art Village or searching for the address on Google maps will help you to get to this place.

28/68 Soi Naya 2 Rawai, Phuket, Thailand 83130

Telephone : +6689 471 5653  or +6695 026 6100


This is the painting that artist made it for Rawai Village included his Art Village!

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