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When a Thai lady with her first Sky Dived in South Africa

If you asked me what the best that I have done, I would say “Sky Diving”.
Every time I heard about this adventurous activity, jumping out of a plane at 9,000 – 13,000 feet ( 3-4 miles or km.), it made my adrenaline rush like no other. To follow my favourite quote “Life is a daring adventure or nothing!” Finally I made it happen in Durban, South Africa.


IMG_9471.JPGA few years ago, before my ship docked in Durban, South Africa, I checked the internet and found out it was one of the best activities I could try. I arranged this trip with a tour company.

It was expensive, but worth trying! I had not earned lots of money working on the ship, but I have never regretted spending some money on activities, food and sky diving!


The driver picked me up and drove pretty far out of town. Finally, we reached the sky diving camp.

My Driver who was born in the same day with me 12 March!

I went to ‘Tandem Jump’ a basic course for me who had never had the experience before. I had to attach myself to a qualified tandem instructor. The instructor guided me through the whole jump from exit through landing. Skydiving is an activity in which people jump out of an airplane with a speed of 200 km./hour. It allows as many people as possible to enjoy freefall, however there are a few restrictions such as age, health & medical conditions. With all those conditions met, everyone is required to sign a form and watch a short tandem briefing video before the start.


This is a plane that would take me to FLYYYYY! It was tiny, as small as how I look in my work suite.

Finally the plane took me higher. When the plane reached the drop zone, it was time!



We were going to………………………………………..





I screamed out loud (maybe the loudest in my life!). It took 20-40 seconds of freefall to enjoy the freedom of the skies and take in the view from a few miles above the earth. It was awesome!



Then the instructor opened the parachute and I had around 5 mins before landing. The instructor taught me how to control our parachute.



I landed safely and the camp presented me a Tandem Jump certificate to prove I was brave enough to complete it. Sky diving was an unforgettable experience, providing me with the opportunity to conquer my fears.

If you feel fear and are still considering it, look at this, a granny 83 years old and a disabled woman in a wheelchair who conquered her fears.


** Also the tour company where I booked this trip had contacted me back and requested to post my picture on their website!


The one that I attached here!


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