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A Thai Lady with her first Polar Plunge at Antarctica

Do you want to know what crazy things I did in the past? “Polar Plunge” is one of my favourite stories to tell people. A dip into a ‘0’ degrees ocean might not be to your taste, but this activity is a MUST if you get the chance to visit Antarctica! You will remember the feeling till the end of your life.

Polar Plunge is a unique opportunity which my ship “The World” made while we were in Antarctica on an expedition. The participants had to jump into the freezing ocean where icebergs float all around ….Pffffffff

_MG_8885ZZ .jpg
That was ‘The World’

Once I saw on a notice board: “Hey! Anyone want to dip your lungs into the freezing ocean? Then put your name on the list!” I was amongst those who signed right after considering a few minutes. Once in a lifetime…why not?!

Friends told me that it was a Refreshing Button. Many people who lived in winter areas did it often. Did it feel nice to hear about all of these? NO!

Before I began, I had to sign the agreement to ensure if I died, the company would not be responsible for my death.


Finally, I was standing there at the corner and waited for my turn. Many people from the ship had done it! Unfortunately my turn was spoiled by plenty of ice floes which kept coming. The security team got rid of them to make sure that I could jump and not crash my head against them.

I was informed that the air temperature was 2-3 degrees and water was a bit colder at 0 degrees. At that point, I thought 2-3 degrees was not much different and I would swim back as pretty as a mermaid.



from another side



and… disappeared!


GOSHHHH!!! It was not true…..Why was it so cold? No! I would not say just cold; it was FREEZING! I had never felt colder in my life than here! Some of you might try Ice Bucket? Trust me, it would be warmer comparing with the ocean. I swam back like dog and not a mermaid any more.


Somehow, a strict rule told you must not stay longer than 5 minutes otherwise the body would not respond to anything and the heart might stop working and die (I am not sure if that was true but no one could even stay longer than 1 min )


Here I was called “A Thai Lady who conquered my fear”


After Polar Plunge, I felt the air temperature was warm till I could walk around without a towel to cover me. I went back to my cabin and took a shower. My feet were cold and had no feeling even 2 hours later. Haha!


End of my story, it brings a big smile on my face every time when I think about it. Thank you very much for taking your time to read my crazy experience. I have done many!

** For those who are interested, let’s save the money and go for Antarctica!



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