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Little Amazon in Thailand

At Takuapa, Phang Nga, a place where you can canoe through the simulated amazon and mangrove forest, you can see plenty of snakes and lots of trees over 100 years old like Banyan Trees along the river.

Little Amazon or Sangnae Canal is a small river situated at Bang Nai Sri, Takuapa in Phang Nga Province.

It will be convenient if you come with your own transport because the Little Amazon is located far from the main road. After the turn off, drive for a little while and then you will see the signboard and the car park.


I have found that not many people know about Little Amazon, not even Thais! I only found out about this place from an old small brochure at a hotel’s lobby one morning. I made a call directly to the company and luckily the tour was available.

When we arrived, there were several boats around. If you want to get close to nature, you should choose the canoe and ask the rower to let you paddle just a little while for the experience.

I let the elders of my family ride on the first canoe.


The sightseeing tour of Little Amazon took approximately 1 hour along the length of the river which was not long ( 2 – 2.5 kilometres ). We took a ride on the boats which carried only 2 passengers each for safety reasons. It cost THB 700 per boat.


This amazing canal is surrounded by nature and connected to the ocean, sometimes it has high tide and low tide. When I visited Little Amazon, the level of water was very low.


The rain forest is was suitabley named Little Amazon because you will find many species of plants and animals, especially snakes. Tourists often see green snakes and mangrove snakes. Somehow you may be lucky (or unlucky!) enough to see cobras and pythons as well.


The rower stopped the boat from time to time when he found snakes. There were no crocodiles in this river but some monitor lizards.


This place was a bit boring after a while, as I expected it to be more exciting. It is suitable for families that travel with children and it is not a good idea to take people with disabilities there.

Bookings should be made in advance, the tour will prepare the boats according to the number of people in your group.



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